Friday, November 18, 2011

“SNAP SHOT” photographic competition added to the South Coast Surf Carnival lineup

“SNAP SHOT” photographic competition added to the South Coast Surf Carnival lineup

Here is another great inclusion to this year’s event. For all the freelance, amateur and happy weekend snappers who loyally grace the piers, beaches and contests taking photos of the surfers day in and day out, Jeep Apparel and Nerve Events have introduced a photographic competition to the South Coast Surf Carnival called  “SNAP SHOT”,
This competition is open to all and is free to enter, no entry forms, just the “SNAP SHOTs” sent to the electronic addresses set out in terms and conditions below.
All you need to do to take part is come down to the Jeep Apparel South Coast Surf Carnival on the 26th and 27th November at Scottburgh Beach and take photos of the contest and the guys and girls in action, this puts you in line to win R 1000.00 worth of Jeep Apparel
Every year we are blessed to have photographers that come down to the event and share their photos with the competitors, the media and basically anybody who asks for a “shot” , this is our way of including the photographers into the Carnival. Like everything else we do at the Carnival this competition will become a regular feature at this event and hopefully grow as a competition in its own right
Terms and conditions apply and are set out below. Good Luck and we hope to see as many photographers as possible on the day.

Only pictures taken at the SCSC 2011 event, will be considered.
These can be action and/or art. Entry limited to a maximum of 6 photo’s per person.
The Photos must be submitted via Twitter at @JeepApparelSA or email
Jeep Apparel & Nerve Events reserve the right to use these images
at no cost for future marketing purposes. The photographer will be given naming credit
on future use of photographs. Event takes place on 26 & 27 November in Scottburgh.
Entries open on 26 Nov and close on Friday 2 Dec 2011 at 1pm.
All entries will be added to a photo album on the Jeep Apparel Facebook page.
The Winner will be informed via email/twitter and the judges' decision is final.
The prize is a Jeep Apparel hamper valued at R1 000.

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